Advice for Parents: Toddler Bed vs Crib

Modern parents are more conscious about their children than before. We have found many parents who asked us several questions about crib and toddler bed. Some parents asked about the maximum age for a toddler bed. Some other asked about the perfect size for a toddler bed, or crib mattress. Below is the information about toddler bed vs crib. Check below for detailed answers.

Maximum age for toddler bed

There is no fixed time to move your child from crib to toddler bed. On average families switch their babies crib to toddler bed between 18 months to 36 months. You should move to the toddler bed when your baby is too active in sleeping or he is simply big in the crib anymore.

Many parents do a little mistake; they replace their kid’s bed too early when their babies are not ready to sleep in a bed. Parents do this because they are worried about their active baby who might jump or climb out of the crib. Of course, this is a real safety concern. Don’t rush out to the shop if your baby first climbs out of his crib. He may not yet ready for a bed. If you still feel insecure, you can buy yourself some extra time to lower the crib as far as possible. On the other hand, you can increase the height of the side rails.

Toddler bed vs crib mattress size

Toddler bed and the crib mattress are the same in size. The differences are railings and sheeting. If the baby feels it unsafe, then they will not sleep on tops sheets or beds. However, the size of the actual mattress remains the same. You can use your babies’ cribs for several years. So, don’t do hurry to convert the crib mattress.

Now, we see many ‘convertible’ cribs available in the market. A convertible crib refers to crib that’s rail can be moved or detached to lower the mattress. It enables a kid to move in and out on his own big bed. Based on the differences between manufactures the ways of converting the crib into toddler’s bed differs from each other.

The right ways to transition your kids from their cribs to beds

There are not strict steps to follow must. But, there are some steps that you can keep in mind to transit your crib’s mattress to toddler’s beds.

  • Check the safety, before changing your toddler’s bed. Remember, once you remove the rails or bars, you are going to give them permission of accessing the whole room. So, don’t do it hurry, take time to understand whether it is the right time to change them to toddler beds. Otherwise, you have to invest more money to invest in beds’ rails to prevent any accident.
  • Let your toddler inform before switching their bed. Few toddlers may react if they see that their bed has been replaced. So, try to understand if your baby really needs a big bed.
  • Welcome your kid to their big bed. Pile on their favorite toys on their bed. Bring on their favorite bedding or blankets. If possible, go for shopping with your toddler to buy new bed sheet for her new bed.
  • Move your kid’s crib for a bit. Let understand your child’s reaction. If they are really ready for new bed, they will take it easy. There are some kids who feel it as a distraction. If your kids react much, bring her crib again for few more days. In a word, you should give your toddler the opportunity to make choices. If your baby starts feeling that it is safe to sleep on a big bed, they will transit their crib quickly.
  • Never expect to transit your toddlers’ bed overnight. Take at least two to three weeks before the transition. Give time to your toddler to feel normal. Of course, you will see some rough behaviors on nights for first few days. Stick with this behavior, and be consistent. You baby will feel it easy.

Special Advice

If you find that you have switched your kid’s bed as early, and she is upset about it, don’t be tensed, wait for some days. Encourage your toddler to try out their new bed. If she still reacting bad, then bring her crib back.

Some toddlers show reaction seeing their new bed, and they don’t feel it as safe for sleeping. Actually, your child needs some more amount of cognitive development to understand that their new bed is more comfortable for them. Observe your kid’s sleeping behavior for first few days. Check whether they are taking much time to sleep, or gets out of bed many times. These symptoms indicate that your toddler is not yet ready for his own bed. Try these for few times, if still your toddler is not ready for a toddler bed, bring the crib again.

Finally, switching from crib to toddler bed is a confusing matter. This depends on the age and behaviors of your kids. So, check these above tips before shifting them from cribs to beds.

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