5 internet safety tips for kids

It is known that the advantages of using the internet are far outweighed than its disadvantages. With the blessing of the internet, people can learn more and accomplish more than the previous ages. According to a recent survey, we find out that more than 60% of the parents give permission of accessing the internet before they are 11 years old. More than 78% of the parents agree that today’s children are facing more risks in online than the five years ago. Unfortunately, about 50% of parents are conscious, they check their kid’s internet browsing history, and about 46% of parents strictly limited the access to certain apps and websites.

In the recent time, we used to see that our parents are raising their children by giving the permission to access the internet without concerning the good and the bad of the internet world. Nowadays children are learning and adapting quickly with the help of technology more than the previous decades. So, modern parents have to take more responsibilities. They should teach their children some basic cyber life skills. Below are 5 basic internet safety tips for kids that every parent should know first.

  1. Keep your device clean, and close all apps

In this modern age, we can resale anything that we belong. Since the Computers, laptops, and Smartphones have high value, so you can resale them after using. If you keep your device unattended, the buyer can steal your personal data more easily. Besides, the number of cybercriminals is increasing day by day who can easily steal your valuable data such as passwords, bank information, personal files, and Social Security Number. Once you lost your valuable information, you have to pay a lot either economically or personally.

Criminals love to target the children most, because children are not much aware, and they leave their device unattended, which make it easy to steal their educational and sport-related information. The parent should teach how much value these devices are, and how to close them.

  • Teach your kids how to click with caution

Almost all of us are familiar with the word “Phishing”. Either it is subtle or bold, the phishing is very dangerous and threatening not only for children but also for adults. Your just one careless click will give permission to malicious software to enter into your device and take personal information from there. Discuss with your kids about the phishing, odd emails, and fraudulent links. Show them how to browse safe address, and how to avoid the danger. Criminals always try to deceive you to click on their links urging quick action. Tell your children not to click on the link that they don’t know, or when in doubt. If you are in doubt, try to contact the concerned person from customer service department for ensuring the validity of the email. Nowadays, you will find high-quality antivirus software that can detect any harmful links or emails.

  • Keep your password strong and safe

Password safety is a very important issue, every parent should tell it to their children because a research has shown that 76% of people share their passwords with others. A single mistake can expose your device to high risk of everything that you have stored. So, make sure that your kids know how to protect their account with the unique and strong password. A strong password should contain at least 8 upper and lowercase with symbols, numbers, and letters to confuse the hacker to steal your password.

  • Learn your kids how to use social media safely

If you give permission to create accounts on social media such as facebook, twitter, and Instagram, you should check the privacy settings of these accounts.  Maintain the highest level of privacy settings, because you don’t know who is roaming around your kid’s profiles on social media. Forbid your children not to accept any request from unfamiliar persons. There are some spammers who send a friend request to spam your friend lists.

Social accounts are at the risk of dangers including stalking and bullying. Your child may fall in dangers and they may suffer both online and offline. Tell them not to publish their location, because it is not safe. Publicly broadcasting location helps stalkers to find their location, so tell your kids to keep the location service off.

  • Be a savvy internet user

Remember, everything said online will stay online forever. Nothing will be deleted, even a single Snapchat. Teach your kids the safe online browsing techniques. Forbid them not to share anything that is important in their life. If they see any negative posts, they should not participate in these posts. Tell them, there are laws to protects the victims of cyberbullying, so they should share with their parents if they bullied by someone.

These 5 internet safety tips for kids are essential that every parent should know. But, mistakes can happen, and kids are not always conscious. As the parent, you should take necessary steps to protect your kid’s device.

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