How to Soothe Your Baby – Ultimate Tips

Babies are one of the sources of happiness and an ornament to their parents and family.  Lively baby energizes the heart, brings happiness to the soul and provides coolness to the parent eyes. Your sunny day will turn into a doomsday if you cannot ensure your babies joys and comfort because of screaming and unusual behavior at that time.

So, you have to take extra care and must have sufficient knowledge regarding this to ensure your baby always gets what it requires for your happiness. We will be discussing some does and don’t on this matter which will definitely show you the pathway to sooth your baby.

At first, take a good look at the things a baby requires:

1. Ensuring the fundamental needs are carefully delivered:

A baby may start screaming for simply the following three reasons-

  • If it is hungry –provide necessary food at regular interval.
  • If it is tired-arrange necessary sleep and rest if it is too tired, you may wish to sing some beautiful baby rhymes.
  • If the diaper is wet- it is quite crucial and you must robustly check and clean diaper rash, wiping inside folded skins to ensure their good health. You should check the last time they popped to ensure they are not constipated. The baby girls should be given extra care as they are easily infected from improper urinating.

2. Burping the baby in case of feeling gas pain:

You should burp again and again until and unless you are quite sure that all gas has gone out. You should keep the baby on your left arm, facing it on your shoulder while burping. You may also lay the baby upside down on your lap and rub their back to release the gas smoothly.

3. Find out if it is ill:

You must seek advice from the general physician on observing unusual behavior such as not getting sleep, not having food or unwilling to eat food, nonstop crying. These may be the result of a serious

4. Ensuring and providing physical support:

A less than three months baby needs enough physical support otherwise it may be depressed and feel uncomfortable. This may be the result of the following things such as uncomfortable clothing, pressing it and trying it to work much earlier than the normal time, fascinated by new guests at home, loud TV or music, very bright light or loud mobile ring tone ringing continuously. All these that disturb the baby must be handled accordingly for the sake of baby’s happiness and joys.

5. Kindle the bay if it is not joyful:

It is the noble duty of a parent to keep the baby continuously happy and in cheerful mood through the various activities such as hugging, kissing, playing with it, taking to it with it’s language. The baby never should be left alone as it may feel lonely and get scared which will create serious physical and psychological problem in the long run. In spite of these if the baby cries all the time you should seek advice from a pediatrician to know the reasons of crying and how to get rid of it.

6. Know and distinguish the reasons of the baby’s wails:

As you are taking care of your baby, you are going to learn slowly regarding the behavior, needs and wants and communication style of the baby. It may scream one way to inform you that it is hungry and in another way it is wet. It is very significant to understand the language to sooth it.

7. Never shake the baby:

Shaking the baby is very dangerous even for few seconds as it may cause serious physical and mental problem permanently. You will be amazed to know that over 1000 baby die every year because of shaken baby syndrome. It leads to brain damage, analytical disability, and death.

Now let’s see what the pathways to deliver those requirements:

  • Enfold the baby:

You should envelop the newborn baby immediately after the delivery so that it can feel the warm as it felt in the mother’s womb. You may buy sleep sack, a blanket to fold the baby.

  • Ensuring side lying in your arms:

Keep the baby at slightly angle position on your arm so that the baby feels comfortable. Never keep the baby in the crib to sleep on their side as it can roll over onto the stomach, which grows the risk of infant death syndrome.

  • Give comfort by moving it slow motion:

Motions and movement as like in a cradle help the baby to get comfort and sleep. You may try it in your lap in very slow motion. You should find out which motion suits your baby most by experiencing different positions.

  • Sucking favorite to baby:

It gives comfort and tranquility by keeping it busy on sucking something like breast or feeder bottle. They like to do it whether they are hungry or not. Make sure the bottle or sucker is clean, safe and hygienic.

  • Play or make cool sound:

Awonderful, smooth sound can give joys and happiness to a sad and upset baby. You may wish to try singing a song, reciting a rhyme, recitingpoemetc.

  • Skin to skin contact:

It is a great way to comfort any baby. Keep it on your chest with a nice warm blanket covering both of you while you do not have any cloth on your upper part of the body.

  • Warm shower:

The warm shower is very soothing to most of the babies. Normally babies like to play with water, so allow your baby to play with water inside a bowl.

  • Massage the baby:

Mild massage with your finger around the baby’s body will refresh it as it wants loving and smooth touch.

  • Change the scenery:

Babies always love to do and see new things. Approximately after every 16 minutes, they lose their concentration and would like to move to a new topic.

  • Learn what should not be done:

Some soothing strategies may give a short term support but in the long run, it may create more problems. These should be avoided such as:

  1. Not to pop in a pacifier the second your baby is crying
  2. Not to feed your baby when it starts crying
  3. Not to try too many methods to soothe the baby, find and fix exactly what befit your baby.


Babies are the source of our happiness. So proper caring will be helpful to make the baby a healthy and perfect human being. However, a parent knows the best what suits with your baby. Moreover, god has put enough intelligence, love & care especially in the heart of a mother and this is not only to a human being, but also to all animals so that they can care and grow up a baby with providing what suffices it. But still you have to try your best to provide the best for your happiness as the well as the joy of the baby.


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