Child Expert Handling – Top 5 Ways

Being a mother it is harder to tackle a  child of age 5 to 10. Such kind of stage a kid is growing their habits and behavior. When your kid crosses the crawling age and turns up to school going  as a primary student, in this time the mother should calm her behavior. It is suggested by so many child experts that mother’s harsh behavior makes them stubborn. Hence it will impossible to give the good guide to your child . which is dangerous.

There are so many elements that make your parenting much better. You may get better idea that which elements should eliminate from your kid’s life and what changes in your behavior is necessary for your kid to this article

Latest phones and technologies should avoid

We are seeing so far that today’s generation is becoming the totally social animal. they are having fastest handling tablets, iPhone,laptop, iPad, smartphones. These elements are excessively destroying the will power of your child. Once they get entertained with these devices, then it is harder to take away this from your child. it will not only influence the sight but also destroy the thinking power. It also makes the health of your kid worst because they will no more like to play outdoor games at all.

Give your own time 

Especially for the mothers who are housewives and had a lot to do with home, as she supervises the maid ,cook, gardener in this tough job a mother could ‘nt take out time for her kid hence she put the phone or tablet to her kid’s hand. Don’t forget that this approach can harm the mental health of your child. Do not forget that there is always some elements that is not of his age.

High volume of mothers makes a stubborn child

Avoid to raise your voice for your kid, it diminishes the effect of your order day by day. If you want your kid to response your voice then you must  avoid harsh tone. try to take your kid in confidence,  whisper with them secretly to show them their worth and avoid to shout.

Sit close to your children

To make sure the activity of your child keeps an eye on them. But it would seem so hanging and sticky when you just follow every time your kid . a better way to keep an eye on him is that when  your kid does his homework  sit beside him or on that table and don’t show interest to him just take out some of  your own work


According to so many child experts  making up a schedule is an important approach for a school going, child. If your child is between 5 to 10 then he really needs to follow some routine this schedule must have the time for an outdoor activity, and provide privilege for the sleep of 3 hrs after school.  It helps to overcome the child’s life disorganization and a scheduling approach never let  your child become a stubborn kid

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