5 Best Nightlight for Toddler with Reviews 2018

If you want your kid to get into sleep without any interruption, you should consider using a nightlight in their room. A nightlight is specially designed with colorful LED lights to create a proper nighttime sleeping environment for your kids. We have made a list of 5 best nightlights for your toddler. Also, we have included buying guidelines to help you decide the best nightlight for toddler. You should read our review at least for one time for our reliable information and recommendation.

How do we decide?

To make the list of 5 best nightlights, we have researched total 34 nightlights from the markets. Our team members have tried each nightlight at different houses. We also, researched and gathered information from experts and consumers. Finally, we filter through the big list and put down only the top 5 nightlights that are recommended by most experts and users.

How to choose the best nightlight for your toddler?

When you go to a market, you will find different types of nightlights available. Really, it is difficult to determine the perfect one for your toddler.  Here we will give you some tips on how to choose the best nightlight.

Check the power outlet’s location

Before buying a nightlight for your baby’s room, check the layout of the whole room. Check the location of the power outlet. Check the distance between the power outlet and the bed. If the location of the power outlet creates problems, then you can buy a portable nightlight. In a word, you have to place the nightlight at a comfortable distance from the bed.

Choose the best color for the nightlight

Do you know that the color of the nightlight has an effect on the sleep of your baby? Choose the perfect color for your baby’s good periods of sleep. Most people think that the blue color represents calming environment. So, they put a blue colored night light in their kid’s room. The modern researchers have denied this assumption. They said that blue color is a stimulator. It boosts your attention. There is no benefit of using blue light. The white color light also falls in the same category of the blue light.

Red and Orange colors are perfect nightlights. Both the red and orange color reflects the colors of the sunset. These two colors will remind your kids to be ready for the bed. You know that the red is the only color that your baby finds soothing. Experts proved it. Red is the only color that they have seen when they were in their mother’s womb.

Does your night light have any timer option?

Nowadays, we see that most of the nightlights have a timer option. The timer helps to control the lights. With the timer, you can set the amount of time you want it to off the light. So, you don’t have to enter your baby’s room for switching the light off. Moreover, the timer of a nightlight helps you saving electricity.

Check the types of bulbs

The type of bulbs should be considered before buying it. There are some nightlights that use normal light bulbs which you can replace if needed. Some other nightlights use built-in light, which you can’t replace at all. So, when the bulb dies, you have to replace the whole nightlight. Also, you have to choose between an LED light and a Halogen Light. An LED light doesn’t warm the environment much, but a halogen light keeps the room surface warmer.

Check the brightness

Keep in mind that the brightness of your light should be gentle. A brighter nightlight will cause broken sleep. To determine the brightness of your nightlight you can follow some tricks. At first, you should set up a nightlight in your baby’s room, wait until the night comes. When the night comes, turn on the nightlight, then lay on your baby’s bed, close your eyes, and place your head towards the light. If the rays of the light are seen vividly through your eyes lid, it means the light is brighter enough. Replace the brighter light, because it interfere your baby’s sleep.

Look for some extra features

Though illuminating your baby’s room with gentle brightness is the main service of a nightlight, but some nightlight comes with few more features. Some nightlights have music boxes to play music for your baby’s sound sleep. Some other nightlights have thermometers to let you know about the room temperature. Some nightlights have color changing bulbs. Also, there are some nightlights that use sensors to turn it on when anyone walking in the room. So, check only those features that you need.

List of 5 best Nightlight for toddler

We have followed every guideline that we have mentioned above. Then we have created this top 5 list. Hope, you will find your best one to buy from the below list.

1. CPLA’s LED Night Light with 3D Printing Moon Lamp

This is a 3D moon nightlight that uses 3D printing technology to provide a true moon appearance. The intelligent touch key integration, USB charging port, and brightness memory functions make this an ideal creative decoration for your home.


  • It uses advanced 3D printing technology
  • Touch-controlled switch to control the light color and brightness
  • White and Yellow bulb provides warm white lighting
  • 5V battery, 0.3w voltage, 250mAh capacity
  • 3 hours charging time, and about 20 hours working time
  • Package contains 1 moon nightlight, 1 wooden mount, 1 USB cable to charge, 1 user manuals.


Portable: The CPLA a portable nightlight can be used anywhere in your home. The USB charging Cable also makes this nightlight suitable for placing anywhere in your toddler’s room.

Adjustable Color and Brightness features: The color of this nightlight can be changed through a touch-control key. Also, you can adjust the light’s brightness according to the environmental situations.

Excellent Performance: This moon nightlight can serve 2700K Warm White illumination and 4000K Neutral white illumination. Also, the light can be moved at a 360-degree angle.

Used for various purposes: Besides using this at your baby’s room, you can use this nightlight for different purposes. You can use this at your dinner table, study table, and pathways.


Almost all consumers are satisfied with this nightlight. Unfortunately, we have seen few negative-reviews where some people complain that the price of this nightlight is too high, and some other complaints about the orange shadow instead of original moonlight shadow.

2. Newest Night Light for Kids with rotatable coloring starlight

The Newest is an ideal nightlight that removes darkness of your baby’s room and provides a soothing environment to get asleep quickly. The illumination of this nightlight is like a starry sky, which you can also use at different public festivals even at the Christmas occasions.


  • Includes 4 different lights: Warm White, Green, Red, and Blue
  • 4 control-buttons including a timer
  • A sling is attached with the nightlight to hang it anywhere you want.
  • Two power supply moods. A USB cable for DC power, and 4-AAA alkaline batteries for portable uses.
  • Lightweight design: about 8 ounces.


Easy to use: There are 4 switching buttons to control its functions. Among them, the “Timer” option is worth mentioning. You can adjust auto mode from 5 to 999 minutes. So, you don’t need to enter into your baby’s room at late night to switch the light off.

Flexible: The two power modes (DC power and battery) make this night light flexible to use.

Talent and Creativity: The Newest Night Light shows its talent and creativity in its design. The 4 main lights: green, red, blue and white provide a charming picture into your kid’s room to help them fall asleep easily.


Almost 95% consumers had given 5-stars for this Nightlight. Few of them complained about some technical problems, which the manufacturer solved immediately.

3. Hatch Night Light for Baby Rest

This is a highly customizable and controllable Nightlight that can work significantly both a light and as a sound box. This light can soothe your toddler’s mind to feel asleep quickly. The customizable brightness allows you to create the perfect lighting for your toddler’s room.


  • Multi-functional devices work as a Nightlight, Alarm and Sound Machine
  • Can be managed via a SmartPhone or iOS tablet
  • Soft glows with white sound system
  • Color adjustment functions


Perfect Sleep Environment: The customizable brightness, hues, and sound create a perfect environment for your toddler or big kid.

Time-to-rise option for healthy sleep routines: You can set the time-to-rise alarm for your toddler to wake up from the bed. On the other hand, you can turn on the lights with music from the evening to alert them that your kid’s bedtime is closer.

Customizable Colors and Music: The Hatch nightlight helps you to create a comfortable environment that helps your toddlers to go to bed at the right time. Based on your interest you can change sound and light’s color.

Use it remotely: The Nightlight can be operated from your Smartphone’s App. You don’t need to leave your bed to switch the light “On” or “Off”. Also, you can change brightness, colors, and sounds from your phones.


We didn’t notice any major complaints about this Nightlight.

4. VAVA Night Lights for Kids

If you want a colorful nightlight with the adjustable color combination which is also environmentally safe for your kids, you should consider the VaVa Night Light.


  • ABS+PP Toy-grade plastic for 100% safe environment
  • Eye-Caring and Energy-Saving LED light features
  • Easy to control the Adjustment via Touch Switch
  • Rechargeable and Powerful battery can stand up to 80 hours at minimum setting
  • IP65 level waterproof and portable devices that can be used both indoor and outdoor purposes.


Suitable for your kids: This Nightlight uses ABS+PP Plastic is a high-grade plastic that is absolutely safe to use in your kid’s room.

Eye-Saver: The VaVa Baby Night Light doesn’t hurt kid’s eyes. This is energy efficient light that illuminates areas around the 360-degree angle.

Easy to Control: The nightlight has an easy touch system. You can touch to switch between brightness, colors, and power off.

Long Battery Service: The battery of this Nightlight is able to serve about 5 hours at maximum brightness, and 80 hours at lowest brightness.

Waterproof Nightlight: The VaVa Baby Nightlight is an IP65 Waterproof device that you can use not only at home but also for outdoor night family adventures or parties.


After analyzing about 200 comments from consumers we didn’t find anything negative about this product. But, some people complained that it is a very small size device.

5. Star Sky Night Lamp

The Star Sky Night Lamp is an excellent designed 360 Degree LED baby lights’ machine that is able to create a romantic room environment both for you and your toddler. This is a multi-color creator Night Lamp that is worth for consideration.


  • The Timing Control enables you to choose between 5 to 95 minutes to turn it off automatically.
  • 4 colored LED lights switches combination including Red, Green, Blue and Warm White.
  • Ideal for night bedtimes, also used for birthday, wedding and parties.
  • USB Cable for power connection and 4 pieces of AAA batteries for portable uses
  • Quiet and Relaxing device to create a relaxing environment


Able to create a quiter environment: The engine of the Star Sky Night Lamp produces a very little sound. It creates a very quiet environment that is ideal for sleeping.

Cute and Beautiful Design: This is a well-decorated Nightlight that can be used for different purposes, such as birthday parties, wedding anniversary, or for a romantic date.

Colorful lights:  ANTEQI Baby Lights are 4 in color: The red, the green, the blue and most importantly the warm white light. You can create a multi-color environment in your toddler’s room.

Timer: There is a timing control switch in the machine by which you can set auto turn-off function. So, you don’t have to leave your bed to turn the light off at night.


We only found a negative review of this product. One customer has complained that the plastic body of this machine had broken after first use.

Bottom Line:

We don’t suggest you any products for our own benefits. We don’t have any connection with the manufacturers. So, you can rest assured on our recommendations. We know that you will not visit our site if once we proved as wrong. We don’t want to take the risk of hurting you. We care about your money. If you buy any product from the above list, you will not be cheated.

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