5 Best Gift for 7 year Old Boys – Expert Picks

7 years means your little boys is enough old to play more complicated games that need more dedication. By the time, they have their own interest, and they are eager to explore new discoveries. Since, your little one is a big kid now, you should select toys that helps them to enhance their development. To help you, we have identified the following 5 best gift for 7 year old boys.

  1. Spooner Board

This rad gift offers unlimited things to do with. It is a great primer for future surfing, snowboarding and surfing endeavors. Usually, it is a piece of plastic that is designed to glide on any surface. Your little boy can sit on it, flip it, slide on it, or do tricks with it. He can use it indoors or outdoors on tile, carpet, grass, or even on snow. Many schools use this for exercise because students can use this in so many ways. This is ultra-durable toy that your little boy can use for many years.

  1. Kick Scooter

Another masterpiece that you can gift to your little boy. It is one of the most best-selling gift item for kids. From celebrities, to hip city dweller, to businessmen, to kids, the kick scooter is the most desired toy that was awarded from the Toy Industry Association. The scooters caught attention quickly, and became a part of American culture. Like bikes and skateboards, the kick scooter has become a classical transportation. Your child always feel smooth while kicking along the sidewalk. They can carry it at anywhere since it can be folded up into a compact footprint.

  1. Book: 5,000 Awesome Facts

When it is about a special gift, this could be awesome. This book has 5,000 fun facts that surely enhance their reading skills. This national geographic book is especially made easy to understand. The book has interesting and pleasurable information about everything surrounding us. Some of its included topics are human body, animal, food, survival skills, history and math. If you want your kids to take part in meaningful conversation at home or school, you should consider buying this book as their gift. Let your kids explore information of their surroundings through this colorful gift.

  1. Magnetic dartboard

This is something that your 7-year old boy definitely love to have. It is designed especially to develop your kid’s precision skill. Usually, it comes with a magnetic dart board and a number of flexible darts. This game has gained popularity around for many years, and now it is considered as a classic family game. You kid can play this game by their own, or with their little friends. This great toy will develop your boy’s target acquisition skills.

  1. Mini Bike

Cycling is one most enjoyable game that help your boy to stay fit. The mini bike includes training wheels. These help them to learn how to keep balance while they are on the bike.  The mini bike could be an excellent gift for the boys who don’t know how to ride on two wheels. If you want to see your boy ride with confidence, you can give a mini bike to them.

Bottom Line

7-year old age is the pre-teen years. So, try to give them gifts that help to develop their individuality and personality. These above 5 best gift for 7 year old boys will greatly benefit them.

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