5 Best Gift for 4 year old Girls for Birthday

Are you looking to buy an excellent gift for your 4-year old girl? We have included a list of 5 best gift for 4 year old girls. From fun to educational, and creative, your girl will surely love these. We hope that you find this list as a guideline to buy the best suitable gift for your little girl.

  1. Doodle

An ideal gift for any occasion for 4 year old girls. With this well-priced magnetic doodle board with attached pen, your little girl can create artworks from their hearts. After completing a masterpiece, your little artist can erase that with eraser button to create a fresh new canvas for creating next work. Except art, your little girls can learn letters, words, sentences facts and how to spell. You kid can do anything that they can do with pencil and paper. So, a doodle is one of the best gifts for your little girls that offer all the creativity avoiding any mess that pencil, markers, and paint can make. Since it is a lightweight board, it could be a great options of entertainment when travelling.

  1. Pretend Makeup Set

This makeup set is designed especially for the kids to fill up their curiosity. Most of the little girls start to become curious about their parents makeup at this age. This is completely a natural curiosity. A pretend makeup set can be a fun palette for your little girls. It teaches that makeup can enhance their natural beauty which teach them to love themselves. It also encourage them to use their imagination. Since it includes fun things like a makeup bag, it will help develop their fine motor skills. You can buy a set of pretend makeup box for your little kids as a fun creative play to improve their imagination.

  1. Dress up Trunk or Bag Chair Storage

A 4-year-old girl is often spotted in their playroom or bedroom. A beanbag chair or dress up trunk can store their dresses or toys and saves room space. If it is a bean bag chair, it can be used as a fun seat to watch television or to read on. When they want to play with their friends, they just need to unzip it and take things out. So, this could be one of the best gifts that your little girl will like most.

  1. Tennis Kit

A Tennis sets is an ideal gift for your little girls aged 4 years or above. Make sure that the set might come with everything including a net, an inflatable ball, 3 transitional tennis balls, and 2 racquets. The tennis set is lightweight, and it can be stored easily into the carrying bag when finished. It helps to develop your kid’s both physically and mentally.

  1. Kids Smartwatch

There are many smartwatches designed especially for kids. Besides being an awesome accessory for wearing, it is designed with several fun features. The smartwatch includes a camera, voice recording, video recording, and some special effect tools. Also, there are few games to play. An alarm, a calendar, and a stopwatch make the smartwatch more attractive. Moreover, it comes with a USB cable that will help your kid to save their images and videos to computer. So, why not trying to give this smart gift to your little girls?

Bottom Line

You should check out your kid’s interest before buying a gift for her. It will be good to buy a gift that helps to develop their physical and mental ability. Considering these facts we have listed these above 5 best gift for 4 year old girls. So, choose one, and give your little girl a big surprise.

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