Top 10 Ways to Play with a Newborn Baby

You have recently had your bundle of joy and you are excited about this journey of motherhood. But things are not so smooth with your little munchkins, the sleep deprivation, the worrying (like constantly checking that they are still breathing when sleeping), the constant baby crying. And yet they give you so much joy and you want to be a good parent to them. You don’t want them bored in their awake time and you are wondering what to do? Well, worry no longer! In this article, we explore 10 ways to play with your newborn, and these ways could prove beneficial to you too.

Let’s begin!

1.Face and talking time: Research shows that during the newborn period the most important development marks are being able to pay attention to faces, and following things with the eyes. Try connecting with your baby eye to eye. Don’t be afraid to talk to them in the baby voice, research shows that actually speaking in baby directed speech helps the young one develop recognize voices

2.Holding: Holding is essential, the close contact will help you and your baby develop a bond. Carry your baby around while doing your house duties. Being carried helps him also have a vantage point at viewing different sceneries and will help him develop an association with environmental cues.

3.Singing: This will be a fun time for you and the baby. When singing to your baby, minimize the of use other audio materials such as T. V’s and radios and do it yourself this will help the baby learn to recognize your voice. When singing try doing it with hand movements for the baby, this will help your baby exercise muscles and also help them develop movement faster. The rhythmic design of your voice while singing will help the baby respond with movements of her legs and arms.

4.Reading: Read from children’s books and show him the fun pictures that are associated with your reading. Reading time is a great bonding time with your child, and it helps boost their brain power. It also introduces them to visuals (especially try black and white contrasting images). It will also help create emotion.

5.Dance: Don’t just hold or carry your baby, but also dance with them. You have probably been swaying and swaddling him, but dancing will introduce body movements for your baby. It is a great bonding time and will prepare your child for tummy and rolling times.

6.Touchy- feely times: Introduce a touchy-feely time for your baby, this will introduce them to different touches, surfaces and how different things feel like. Try placing them on different surfaces, the floor, the kitchen counter, the couch. Give them different materials to feel e.g. different types of blanket materials, balls, different toy materials (ensure they are safe toys for that age)

7.Game time: Introduce a game time, come up with fun games to play e.g. peekaboo, playing the stepping game, touching and tickle, shaking noisy toys, looking in the mirror, song games like its bitsy spider and much more. This will help you bond and get precious smiles and giggles from your little one.

8.Cuddle time: You probably cuddle your child already. Try skin to skin, research shows it boosts bonding. Snuggle with your child and perform light massages while at it to help them relax. Try soothing sounds during this time.

9. Install something for the baby to look at:  You can introduce a baby toy on top of their crib. Try one that rotates, and let it be near enough for them to play with it. You can as well place flashcards on the wall of the crib, try ones with black and white contrasting colors.

10. Mimic games These games help the child mimic your actions. They are important in developing your baby’s response mechanisms. For example, try sticking your tongue out and see if they follow

To conclude, most parents already do this for their babies. Most of this actions come naturally to a parent and if you have been practicing them, then pat yourself. If you have not yet been able to do this don’t feel guilty, try some and have fun.

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